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Post Vacation Blues

After every trip I step off the plane my inspiration dies. I’ve been unable to write anything I deem worthy of posting while I slip straight back into my depression. Work has made me go right back to my irritable self. I promise, I’m not always mean. I bet most of you understand that I keep this job so I can continue feeding my traveling addiction. “Feeding” in a more literal sense. So I continue to go back to my travel photo albums and edit away my sorrows. Look how happy and sunburnt I am! I’ve made a crease in my bed from all of the late night editing.

I’m trying my very best to get back into writing something with purpose. I want to create something that matters! I consume so much content every day and there’s rarely anything that brings me to tears or moves me. The kind of content that seems too good to be true or makes you jump up and down with excitement. Like when Shane Dawson posts a new docuseries. So I continue my search for inspiration. I try to find something to make me happy again. Unfortunately I can’t plan another trip. I ran out of vacation time. So I guess it’s time to quit! I do understand I might sound crazy but I am writing this very late at night in my bed crease. How do I wake up my inspiration? How do you do it?

I was never much of a writer in school. That’s probably why their are so many grammatical errors in all of these posts. I’m sorry to you Grammarians out there. I grew up with my nose stuck in books so I was dubbed Belle by my Disney-loving family. You can imagine because of the book obsession I became pretty reclusive. Now that’s nothing that you all would wanna hear about so what I’ll do is just add some pretty photos from my recent trip so this won’t be a complete waste of your time.

So that’s where my mind is at after my first lovely week back from vacation. Might be quitting my job soon but what’s gonna feed my habits. Now that’s something I really need to figure out! But hey that means more vacation time!

That’s just a little snippet of my most recent mental breakdown so don’t forget to follow me here and on all of my socials down below. Who knows maybe I’ll actually quit this week!

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Talk to y’all soon!


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