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Becoming A Londoner!

I might end up living in London.

I never thought I’d say that. My childhood self would be freaking out. Growing up a New Englander I was always going to Disney in the middle of winter hoping to get away from the cold. Soon I’ll be leaving Boston snow storms for rainy London and I couldn’t be happier! The perks of dating an Irish citizen!

I’m still astounded by the life that I live. It all starts when you get out of your comfort zone and travel. I took my first international trip alone on a whim all the to visit my boyfriend at Uni. The relationship wouldn’t be as strong if I didn’t react on impulse and buy a ticket to fly out just to see him.

I, an anxious introvert, got my first passport and just left on one weeks notice and I was thrilled, my dad and employer, not so much. After that first trip I’ve traveled to England 3 times and every time I’ve traveled alone and I admit I’ve never felt more myself on those trips. That’s saying a lot for me. I haven’t felt like myself in a very long time.

What does it feel like to be a foreigner. I’m ready to experience what it’s like to not know my surroundings like the back of my hand. It’s time for me to let go of my safety blankets and explore what it’s like to not know. I’m definitely going to miss American snacks!

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