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The Florida sun is no joke!

The 105 degree Florida sun is nothing to play around with. I definitely learned that the hard way as I nurse my Second Degree Sunburns. My horrible stubbornness got the best of me this trip too as I toughened through 14 hours of direct Florida sunshine when at times I definitely didn’t want to. Now let my current suffering be an example, don’t be a follower. Create your own path. If you want to sit down and enjoy a coffee don’t let your want for people’s validation make you not get that darn cup of coffee! Sorry, I’m still a little angry from caffeine withdrawal…

I spent a good amount of my trip following people around, desperate to not be alone. Apparently, I’d rather be in horrible pain getting the worst sunburn of my life then to experience spending time alone. Looking back at it, I feel so much worse about my desperation.

I’ve had a fear of being alone my whole life and the only way I’m beginning to improve is by suffering through the loneliness. Go on that trip by yourself to a far off land! Talk to those people you never met before because after that they might just become friends. I actually really appreciated the company of the girl who sat next to me on my flight home. We talked a little bit about Harvard, life and our futures. And although it wasn’t that long of a conversation it meant so much. So Annaleigh, thank you for tolerating me being a Chatty Cathy for a good amount of the flight, especially when you were trying to do homework. Thank you. You really helped me with my breakthrough. And you also reminded me how much I miss Insomnia Cookies!

Okay that’s enough breakthroughs for the day so don’t forget to follow me here and on all of my socials down below for more awkward anecdotes and I’ll make sure to keep you all in the know of future trip plans!

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