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So I Quit!

So as you can probably see from the title, I FINALLY quit my job. 5 years of my life has been spent here. I can’t help but feel weird about every worker coming up to me and asking me about my “new job” and “where I’m going” and I find myself stumbling to give them an answer that makes me look less like a lazy youth. I’ve tried saying I’m “working on my business” and “working at another place part time” but in reality there’s no other place. I’m still working for myself and trying so hard to keep a full time job, part time job, and try and freelance on the side. It’s just not at all possible. I chose me and my sanity. I chose to do what I wanted to do. Also they told me I travel too much. There’s no such thing as traveling too much! I used all of my vacation time 3 months into the year. I’m traveling once a month for the rest of the year! How is that for too much!

Just a little life update for y’all! Don’t forget to follow me here and on all of my socials down below for more trip planning and I’ll make sure to keep you all up to date on all of my crazy life plans!

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