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Disney Planning… Yet Again!

Surprise! I’m planning for ANOTHER Disney trip!

I bet y’all are SO surprised. Now you might be asking, “Taylor what else is there to do? You’ve been there so many time!” Well, yes, I’ve been already once this year but guess what’s leaving me in tears. The death of Illuminations! As a die hard Epcot fan I can’t stand to not be there the very last day of this long running show. But I don’t stop there! Why not just stay one more day for the release of the new show, Epcot Forever.

AirBnb: Booked. Rental Car: Booked. Flight: Booked. I’ll more than ready to go! As I’m writing this we have 40 more days until we fly to Florida. Just now fully recovered from my horrible sun burn I’ll be out in 100 degree weather again.

Along with my planning checklist I make sure to ALWAYS make a Goals List. The reason for the list is to remember what the priority of the trip is: to do things both my boyfriend and I both want to do. Making a list now makes it easier to see what really means a lot to one another and we make sure we experience them all together. I find that once I’m in Disney World I never want to leave and I forget about keeping the relationship balanced and doing all of the, sometimes weird, things he wants to do. So for every goal I have on the list I write one of his goals after it.

Currently our list is:

  • Go and experience Star Wars Land!
  • Be at Magic Kingdom for Rope Drop.
  • Ride on Flight of Passage.
  • Try the food in Pandora!
  • Go see the Titanic Museum.
  • Watch the Water Parade!
  • Have the food at Tom Sawyer Island.
  • Play a game at Splitsville.
  • Ride the Skyliner!
  • Eat at Waffle House.

I’ll be sure to let y’all know if we actually complete the lists so don’t forget to follow me here and on all of my socials down below for more trip planning and/or major trip disasters (you know there definitely will be more) and I’ll make sure to keep you all updated on all of my plans!

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