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Just another day in paradise!

Have you ever felt like you’re being dragged into a million different directions? Well yeah, that’s how I feel right at this very moment. Now it might not seem to big of a decision but as some of you probably already know, I’m not the whole decision-making type. I pretty much come out of the woodwork, complain a little, and then crawl back into my den chased by my writers block and horrible social awkwardness. I’ve been hiding because of my completely uneventful month. Other than all of the nothing that happened I ended this month of with a magical Disney trip. Seems like my style, right?

One thing I’ve noticed during this blissfully hectic trip is work only seems to come to me when I go on vacation! My notificationless phone is now ringing every minute. Not that I’m angry though. I couldn’t be more excited, I just feel it’s a sign for me not to pursue my uni applications anymore. At the moment I’m on a roll. A roll that includes me trying to learn my last 5 years of courses all over again. What’s wrong with me? Legitimate question everyone. Why can’t I learn the way everyone else does? Take into account the anxiety, the ADHD, the hyperactivity, and oh all the youthful pep! I won’t let this turn into a big pity party for me. I swear. I’m on vacation for goodness sake!

Anyway, that’s all for now so don’t forget to follow me here and on all of my socials down below for more impulsive trips and too many photos. I’ll make sure to keep you all updated on future trips!

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