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Another week another destination!

This week I traveled back to Oxford and after my energizing red eye out of Boston I landed at London Gatwick with a fantastic flu! Now that leaves me trying to still enjoy my week here. Unfortunately there isn’t much I can do that requires any physical effort.

So what am I going to do?

Well I’ve spent a good amount of time stopping by the Ashmolean Museum which is right across the street from where I’m staying in Oxford. I find this museum to be my #1 choice when visiting the city and I can’t help but find something new and interesting every single time I stop there. Sometimes I spend upwards of 5 hours just on the first couple floors. I’ll be honest and admit my boyfriend doesn’t feel as excited about visiting as I do.

Now if you’re not the museum type I totally get it. Some days I just don’t feel like looking at historical stuff. I found when staying so close to the city center I walk around and window shop. One of my favorite little spots for unique eats has to be the Gloucester Green Market. I use to visit a bunch of small flea market as a kid so it’s pretty nostalgic for me. They have a variety of food to choose from, especially some impressive wraps and pretty diverse food for fairly cheap. I found myself grabbing whatever food caught my eye and then perusing around the stalls to see if I could spot any inexpensive souvenirs.

While I’m on the subject of markets, I always feel the need to go back to the Oxford Covered Market. I can’t get over the beauty of it all, especially with the cherry blossom trees planted right next to the florist. Also who can say no to bucket of Ben’s Cookies. When I first spotted the little window and the large line of people all waiting I knew it had to be good. Good would also be an understatement. You just look at all of the huge chocolate chunks in each cookie and I dare you to say it doesn’t look to die for!

That’s just a little snippet of my most recent adventure to the UK and I have many more tips and stories to tell so don’t forget to follow me here and on all of my socials down below. There is more to come!

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